Volunteer Tutor
Bayanga - Central Africa
POSITION DESCRIPTION. We are seeking a volunteer tutor to assist in the education of our daughter (born 02-Aug-2001). The tutor will be requested to help prepare and oversee an age-appropriate Montessori-style educational environment. Many of the learning activities will be designed to incorporate local realities such as; tropical forest ecology, conservation, African cultures and local languages. The tutor will help guide our daughter through the activities and keep track of her progress. The tutor will typically be available between 8:00am-noon (Monday-Friday) but that can vary depending on the activity

DURATION. Minimum of 10 months.

QUALIFICATIONS. Candidates must be prepared to live in a remote African community and possess a high degree of patience and creativity with young children. Desired qualifications include: a year or more of living in a developing country, experience teaching young children, and some familiarity with the Montessori teaching style, some French and/or Sangho language skills.

BENEFITS. The tutor will receive roundtrip airfare, immunizations, visas, carte de sejour, local transport, food and lodging. Candidates must be willing to pay for their own international health insurance and any incidental purchases while in-country. In addition, if the tutor chooses to leave the post prior to 10 months they must reimburse half of the cost for the roundtrip airfare.

APPLICATIONS. Interested candidates are requested to send a letter of interest and CV or Resume to Ken Cochrane (ken@thecochranes.net) and Erica Cochrane (erica@thecochranes.net). Please provide email contacts for at least two references.
Western Lowland Gorilla Habituation Volunteer Field Assistants
VOLUNTEER: Two (2) one-year, full-time positions. Starting Date: open.

POSITION: Western Lowland Gorilla Habituation Field Assistants.

OBJECTIVE: To contribute to the habituation of 2 western lowland gorilla groups for ecotourism within the Dzanga-Sangha protected area complex.

LOCATION: Mongambe camp, in the Dzanga-Ndoki National Park, Central African Republic, Africa.

QUALIFICATIONS: Bachelor's level students who seek to gain experience in conservation biology, primatology and/or zoology are encouraged to apply. Previous field experience would be extremely valuable, though this opportunity is an entry-level position and can be considered a 'stepping stone' for someone who is serious about a career in conservation, field research and/or wildlife eco-tourism. Additionally, a responsible, flexible, mature and amicable personality is required. Knowledge of French is extremely helpful, though a commitment to learn the local Bantu language, Sango, may suffice. Emergency evacuation insurance is mandatory (e.g., S.O.S. Insurance co.).

FUNDING: Candidate is required to seek independent funding (e.g., for flight, short and long-term visa and food). On average this comes to about $8,000.00 per year.

DUTIES: Responsibilities will primarily include contributing to the habituation of gorilla groups, and collecting data regarding their diet, behavior and ranging activities. Additional responsibilities may include conducting phenology, participating in large mammal surveys and data entry. Field conditions are very remote, with limited access to modern conveniences (e.g., intermittent electricity is solar generated and 'running water' is a nearby river), a small variety of fresh foods in addition to limited health care. The candidate should be physically fit and may be required to work long hours in the hot, thorny and dense rain forest habitat. She/he will be required to live in a tent. Communication with one's home country is limited (though internet at the Project's headquarters is available). Daily contact with potentially dangerous animals such as elephants, gorillas, forest buffalo and venomous snakes can be expected.

APPLICATIONS: Send a resume/CV and 2 letters of reference via email to David Greer and Chloé Cipolletta, WWF Technical Advisors to the Dzanga-Sangha Project,
Email: baihokou2@yahoo.com

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Updated: 13 April 2006