November 2006 (created 8-Dec-06 by Ken)
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Erica met this girl down at the Kenye River where most people here do their washing. She was so cute with her crown of butterflies and she was really having fun getting her picture taken.
This young woman has the filed teeth and face tatoos that are common among the Baaka. I saw the tatoos being done one day.. basically just take a razorblade, cut desired design on body, add dye extracted from forest plants. Not something I plan to do any time soon.
Momma and Charlie snuggling before Erica and I took off on a walk. Every Wednesday afternoon is 'walk day'.. all the other days seem to get too busy with work or hard to find someone to keep track of Charlie for us to just take a quiet walk together.
Charlie, Carol and Kato on a fishing expedition in the Kenye River.
Carol and Betina dressed up as forest spirits doing a dance.
Charlie, Carol and Betina taking a walk in town.
Back in October Erica and Charlie obtained a new kitten who we named 'Blossom'. At first Sweetheart played so roughly with the kitten we were afraid he might kill her, but now they are best buddies. And as we now have a boy and a girl we suspect future kittens might be forthcoming.. but Blossom is still a bit young for that kind of thing.
Gabriella and Carol setting yet another trend in the Bayanga fashion scene.
Chloe and Rebecca (left to right respectively). Chloe is out here doing a study on how tourism impacts the community. Rebecca was here to help tutor Charlie, but for a number of reasons she wasn't able to stay. We will miss her.
Charlie sporting some new pink shoes and boa. We tend to keep a couple gifts tucked away for a rainy day, and she had been sick with the flu for a few days so it seemed a good time to bring out a little 'cheer me up'. Pretty in Pink.