October 2006 (created 8-Dec-06 by Ken)
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In October Erica had to go to Libreville (Gabon) for meetings so she took Charlie with her. Libreville is on the coast so Charlie got to play in the sand a lot, just like the good times in Saipan.
Tracing jelly fish in the sand with fingers and a stick.
Twister arrives in Bayanga and is a definite hit with the kids.
Charlie, Carol and Gabriella went to the forest near our house and collected the edible leaves from a liana called 'koko'. These leaves are bought cheaply in town and eaten just about daily by everyone. The kids collected the leaves, cut them into little pieces, cooked them and we ate them for dinner. It was fun for them to actually make something we all enjoyed.
Charlie and Gabriella demonstrating the latest craze.. trampoline body painting.
It looks like these two are getting ready for the altar, but this is just another one of those crazy Bai Hokou parties that happened to fall near Halloween so costumes were being worn by all.
Doesn't this guy have a great smile? The purple sparkly child's skirt on the head is just an added bonus.
Here are the guys at Bai Hokou enjoying some of the local raffia wine known as 'molenge'. This wine is extracted from the raffia tree that grows in very swampy areas. The tree is tapped and you can drink the liquid fresh in which case it is sweet like a soda.. but over time it just naturally gets stronger and stronger until after about 12 hours you pretty much throw it away.
The current volunteers at Bai Hokou.. from left to right are.. Blake, 'K' and Rebecca. They do a great job helping with the primate habituation and are really nice people to hang out with. The volunteers pay all their own expenses.. which isn't cheap.. and devote a year to their work with the primate habituation program. A dedicated group.
A cacada is an insect that can make an amazingly loud sound.. and when there are many of them it can be really deafening.
I didn't realize we had scorpions here in the park until the kids found this one wandering outside the house.