September 2006 (created 8-Dec-06 by Ken)
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A big refridgerator box makes a great puppet stage. Here are Charlie and Carol putting on a live show. We did do the Sound of Music with popsicle stick puppets.
Erica and Carol mugging it up for the camera.
After 8 years Chloe and David packed their bags and left the country. These two really did so much for conservation here in Bayanga and were great friends, we will miss them a lot.
Charlie and Carol off on a fishing expedition in the forest. Charlie has developed a hobby of trying to catch little fish in the rivers.. now our challenge is trying to figure out how to keep them alive at home.
Charlie getting some kitty snuggle time in the morning.. this is something the kitty likes as much, or more, than Charlie.
We are training 'Sweetheart' to be a killer. Here he is practicing on one of Charlie's dolls, but beware of entering our home unannounced!
Just one of the seemingly millions of beautiful butterflies we see everyday as we walk down the road.
A big ole momma tree frog laying eggs. I have no idea what species she is but she is cool.
Some of the edible mushrooms that come from the forest. Very yummy.