August 2006 (created 8-Dec-06 by Ken)
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August 2, 2006. Wow, is it really time for another birthday party for Charlie? Didn't we just do this a week ago? Time flies. We had about 30 kids over of all ages helping Charlie celebrate. Food was mostly of the local variety.. and LOTS of it.. but we did have some good ole traditional American-style cake. Here is the traditional birthday favorite.. balloon toss. Kids also jumped on the trampoline, played in the tree house with swings, hunted for hidden plastic eggs, and ran around like chickens with no heads.. yelling, screaming and having fun.
I just thought this was a cute pic. Carol is steering, Charlie is providing copilot guidance and I forget the little boy's name who was providing the power. Kind of looks like a Calvin and Hobbs cartoon.
Some momma and daughter snuggle time.
The local kids collect the wood from a tree that grows in the swamp and cut it up like balsa wood. They are really good at using this wood to make any number of different things, like boats, airplanes and houses. This is one of the more extravagant models I've seen, and lots of amazing details inside. It is about 2 feet high.
Charlie and Gabriella finger painting.. which starts off looking like recognizeable shapes, and progresses to be a Van Gough mix of colors, to full on body painting.
Here is the final result of finger painting.. body painted dancing. The arts taken to a new level.
Are these girls too cool or what?
This butterfly had the most flourescent blue wings on the inside. Beautiful.
Erica is so good about staying fit. Here she is doing her yoga with Carol doing her best to keep up.
Dressup and costumes seem to never lose their appeal. Here are Charlie, Carol and Gabriella showing off their latest princess fashions.
One of the guys working with us brought over a bowl full of catepillars.. the edible sorts.. assuming that isn't a contradiction. So we asked someone who knew what they were doing to cook them up and we ate them. I think even Erica tried one but now I'm forgetting. Charlie and I definitely ate them, although Charlie said she didn't like them very much (she ate them because she was hungry) but I thought they were good. A bit like a french fry that is slightly too greasy inside but still yummy.
Our chickens are doing great and providing eggs from time to time. This egg was just about to hatch, you could hear and feel the baby chick inside pecking at the shell.. so we decided to assist. It was interesting to peel the shell off of a live chick. I didn't realize they are protected by two internal membranes which are surprisingly strong. This chicken is now getting big (Dec 2006) and hopefully will soon be providing us with eggs of her own.