April 2006 (created 25-Apr-06 by Ken)
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Here Zac and I are looking over maps regarding the Cameroon side of the Sangha Tri-National landscape. Zac works with WWF and is based in Yokadouma. At the end of March I spent two weeks visiting Bomassa in Republic of Congo and Yokadouma in Cameroon to discuss mapping and share data related to the region. The maps created from these discussions will be used as part of a land use plan for the landscape.
Charlie and Carol playing. This is becoming more and more of a daily sight which is wonderful. Carol is so patient with Charlie and has been a huge help in teaching her Sangho and simply helping Charlie fit in.
Leonie (left) and Katherine "K" taking a break from the forest. They are two of the volunteers that work with gorillas and agile mangabeys on a daily basis, and for the moment they are the only two volunteers. More volunteers are coming in July. Leonie is from the Netherlands and "K" is from England.
We decided to explore whether we could find a quicker way down to the Massapoula River from our house. The only path we could find was right through a nasty swamp. Here is Carol giving Limba a dunk in the river after finally arriving. Unfortunately, with all the mud, it isn't really someplace we will visit regularly (and this is the dry season).
BBQ local style at chez Thomas. Here we have fish, local bushmeat, cooking bananas and onions grilling while a feast of other food is cooking on the stoke. Normally we don't eat the local bushmeat because it is hard to tell whether it was actually caught legally, but in this case Paul assured us this was caught in a legal manner.
Boy and his dog - Benjamin and "Flaffy" enjoying a bit of snuggle time in the grass before the BBQ.
Our ill-fated pirogue/bathtub. We thought it would be nice from time to time to have a "bathtub" so I came up with the idea of modifying a pirogue design. Total failure. The wood was splitting even before we were done hollowing it out and our attempts to plug the holes left very rough edges inside that wouldn't make for a good bath. Alas. It now catches rainfall outside so we can see the mosquito larvae and tadpoles that arrive.
Momma and Charlie enjoying some morning snuggle time.
Our chickens have started to produce, and how. This hen together with another had 12 eggs. Being new to the whole raising chickens thing I let her raise them all. Now I know to grab most and put them in the fridge and let her keep a couple. It's nice having fresh eggs from time to time, they can be hard to find around here.
Charlie, Erica and Carol preparing for easter. These designs ended up as a very nice easter mobile hanging from the roof. We also did the traditional thing of coloring boiled eggs and doing an easter egg hunt. Carol didn't really understand what the heck we were doing, but she had fun.