March 2006 (created 12-Apr-06 by Ken)
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Charlie and her buddy Benjamin heading up river for a picnic with Thomas and his family.
Charlie and the "gang" at Thomas's house. There is Kato (far left), Benjamin behind, and the young boy is Thomas but I am forgetting the names for the other two boys.
Chloe with two of her volunteers that were leaving after a year (Ayres in yellow and Michaela on the far right) and Fred who was working with the project here in Bayanga for a year and a half but was also leaving because his contract had expired (blue shirt). Chloe encourages volunteers to come and work with her on the Gorilla and Mangabey habituation activities, but volunteers need to be prepared to cover all of their expenses for a year. In general this is around $10,000.. quite a significant investment so the volunteers tend to be very serious and passionate about their ...
Mama Angel and her daughter Carol (shown here) joined us on one of our flights to Bangui. This was Carol's first trip in an airplane and she was duly excited / terrified.
A delegation from WWF that came to meet with the President of CAR to discuss sustainable development of the Dzanga-Sangha Reserve. Shown from left to right are: Laurent Some (Director for the WWF Central African Regional Program Office), Lavinia Currier (Private Donor with interests in regional conservation activities), Guillermo Castilleja (WWF), Richard Carroll (WWF), Jean Bernard Yarissem (WWF-CAR), Erica (WWF-CAR) and Allard Blom (WWF).
The remains of a Gorilla poached from the Ndoki sector of the Dzangha-Ndoki National Park. Park guards arrested the poachers and burnt down the temporary village they had constructed along the Sangha River. Poaching remains a large problem in this region. The guards are required to hand poachers over to local authorities for prosecution but in many cases local authorities let the poachers off with little or no punishment and the poachers are found back in the park soon after. Due to project efforts at high levels in the Ministry elite military came and arrested one of the more ...
Me covering up against the sun on a 5 hour motorized pirogue ride up the Sangha River between Republic of Congo and CAR. I have been hired by WWF to provide some GIS assistance to the Sangha Tri-National Landscape partners including CAR, Republic of Congo and Cameroon. As a result I spent two-weeks visiting the various sites, collecting data and talking with the mapping staff. Now it is time to make some maps that will be used in a land use plan for the Tri-National landscape.
Charlie was happy to have me home after a couple of weeks and let me wash her hair as she took a bath in a basin next to the house. I felt like someone in a beauty salon, shampooing her hair while we talked about my trip and her activities over the two weeks I was gone. Maybe a consideration for my next career.