September 2005 (created 05-Jan-06 by Ken)
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Charlie and daddy heading down the big rapids at PIC. Just as we were getting ready to leave Saipan Charlie decided she really liked riding the intertube down the short chute next to the surf machine, but as she fell off the tube on occasion she needed to wear a life jacket.
For my birthday we got together with Fe, Derek, Maria and Cole and headed to the Hyatt for one of their wonderful buffet dinners. I even got a piece of birthday cake and a song at the end. About once a week Erica and I had been taking some time for ourselves, going for a walk, and ending with a dinner at Hyatt. Of course we generally chose Tuesday night as our couple night in order to enjoy Hyatt French Night which included all the wine you could drink. I suspect there won't be a Hyatt in Bayanga so might as well enjoy it while we can.
Charlie's second dentist appointment and we are told she continues to enjoy very healthy teeth.. plus she just looks cool in them shades.
Fe, Mary, Charlie and Cole enjoying a good bounce on the trampoline. Fe has been such a big part of our family for nearly 3 years, we will miss her. And yes, we packed up the trampoline and shipped it out to CAR. Who knows when or if it will show up, we're told that all our Saipan stuff is currently in Douala Cameroon but that we will need to pay huge taxes to get it out of customs.. still some bugs to work out on the who shipment thing it seems.
We invited a number of friends over to see a brief slide show from our August Africa trip and then to enjoy watching the Heart of Brightness movie about the Hart's work in former Zaire. Interesting how many people on Saipan have either spent time in Africa or have friends living there.
After watching a bit of the slide show the kids got bored and decided to make up their own fun. Here some of them have decided to dress in costume and bounce on the trampoline. They also pretended that one of them had died and the rest needed to revive them. I'm guessing this is a Sleeping Beauty kind of thing.
When Erica throws one of her "Messy" parties it is best to come prepared with two or three changes of clothing. It all started out nice enough with Maria leading the way with making bubbles, then the paints got brought out, the clothes started to fly off, and the kids were just going wild. There was a kiddie pool set up to do a paint rinse once the kids had enough and, as always, they really had a blast. Even Kala, one of our dogs, didn't seem to mind a big green paint splotch on the head.
I was a little hesitant to enroll Charlie in the local Montessori school at first but it really was good fun and healthy learning that Charlie enjoyed. Here she is washing dishes.. shame our house isn't really set up so she could do this more often at home. On the times when I would visit her at school I was always amazed at how focused the kids were (typically) on whatever activity they were doing and obviously enjoying it. Erica and I will try to bring as much Montessori type learning tools with us to CAR as we can.