July 2005 (created 08-Jan-06 by Ken)
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Dress up is always a fun time. Here is Charlie being a blue flapper kind of gal with multiple hats.
Dress up is even MORE fun when your friends are there and allow themselves to be dressed up. Here is Cole being very patient as Charlie dresses him up in the latest fashions.
Charlie and Cole enjoying some time just swinging in the sun.
July seems to be dress up month as Charlie, Maya and Kelsey pose on the couch. Such lovely girls and wonderful friends.
Greg, Katie and Maya left Saipan in early August to pursue their careers and lives back on the mainland US. Their friendship and creativity will be missed. Charlie and Maya were able to share some moments together before their departure.
Body painting is right up there with dress up and bouncing on the trampoline as a favorite activity. Here are Maya and Charlie trying out the latest fashion colors.. blue tops with red and blue feet. Very nice.