June 2005 (created 08-Jan-06 by Ken)
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Charlie and Cole helping Maria make something in the kitchen. Cole is observing to make sure she gets it just right.
While our house in Saipan has a fairly large yard, Kala (brown) and Sudu (black) really enjoyed a romp on the beach. They were quite good on the leash, but once the beach was in sight all they wanted to do was be set free to run.
Charlie searching the shallow water to see what she can find while Kala keeps an eye out.
Just down from our house was a nice stretch of beach where we had a number of evening bonfires. Here are Angie and Maria enjoying some food while the kids play in the background and Tyce stokes the fire.
Steven's birthday was a lot of fun. We started off with bowling then progressed on to pizza and cake. Here is Charlie perfecting her release with Tim Goodwin offering some encouraging words. Given that many of the kids were 3 and 4 years old there were often the 8 lb bombs dropping on the floor from a couple feet up.
Derek, Maria, Cole and Charlie on the walk between the bowling alley (one of two on island) and Bobby Cadillacs where the kids enjoyed pizza, cake and more games.
Charlie and Cole already plotting on how to divide up Steven's birthday cake.. I suspect they had some pretty large slices in mind as the cake was delicious.
Grim determination of a professional tree climber shows on her face as our fearless explorer reaches to new heights.
Once or twice a year the fair comes to town with all the usual rides, games, music and dancing. Charlie, Cole and I are about to head up on the Ferris Wheel, but Charlie is not sure she can bear to watch.
Hunting for crabs down by the beach was a favored activity, and much more fun with Cole there with his keen eyes and quick feet.
At the end of June Erica travelled to Hawaii for a final coral reef meeting. While there she got the chance to spend some time with her friend Kathy who was expecting her first child. Melissa and Nupie also flew out to enjoy a holiday and help look after Charlie (Daddy stayed at home on Saipan with work). This photo shows a lovely sunset cruise with the Honolulu skyline. Obviously Hawaii was much colder than Saipan at this time because normally you would never catch Charlie with a sweater on.