April 2005 (created 14-Jan-06 by Ken)
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Bride to be. Doing "dressup" is as much fun for the parents as it is for the kids I think.
Erica had to go to a conference off island, and for the first time we agreed that Charlie would stay with me rather than travel with momma. It was only for a few days, but it seemed like a pretty major event so while Erica was gone I took some time off of work and flew with Charlie to Japan where we spent a couple days at the Tokyo Disney Sea Park. I created a collage of some of the photos from our visit. Charlie definitely missed her momma but she did great. This represented a number of firsts for Charlie. First time away from mom, first time going a few days without nursing...
Back home again on Saipan. Princess Charlie and King Amon enjoy a night of fun at our place.
Here are Charlie and Amon examining a Brown Tree Snake. The brown tree snake has infested Guam, killing off most of the bird populations and getting into electrical equipment that can cause widespread power outages. On Saipan there are no known living brown tree snakes and there is an active campaign to try and keep this snake off the island.. a very difficult task given the daily flights and shipments from Guam.
Hard to tell, but this is a day at the beach on Managaha Island (a small island within the lagoon of Saipan). This is a popular tourist hangout as the beach here is really wonderful and there is great snorkeling.
Charlie and Amon playing at the Garapan Park.
A favorite hobby of Charlie's is to plop a bucket down in shallow water and see what kinds of living things she can find within arms reach. Often this includes crabs, small fish, and various forms of algae.
At the end of April we loaded up our camping gear and headed to the other side of the island for an overnight adventure. Here are Derek and Maria relaxing after having set up our tents on Laulau beach. The kids searched the beach with flashlights for anything interesting while we lit up a bonfire. It was a bit hot for sleeping but otherwise a very nice time.