March 2005 (created 14-Jan-06 by Ken)
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After her DC conference Erica and Charlie went to visit Erica's dear friend Candace and her boyfriend Mark. Candace and Mark are stage actors and do a lot of Shakespear productions for kids, although I don't think that is King Lear that Mark is reading to Charlie.
In Madison there is no place Charlie would rather be than riding on Scooter's back. Regardless of the weather Megan is always happy to take her favorite pony out for a walk.
More story time. Here is Grandma Melissa reading to Charlie.
Here is daddy happy to have Charlie back in his arms. This picture was taken at the Brilliant Star Montessori School where Charlie and the other kids were playing some fun games together.
Charlie can never get enough horse back riding. Here we are again at the northern tip of the island taking a ride.
I had to throw in this photo because it was almost a weekly ritual that Charlie and I would go to a Japanese restaurant called "Sushi Land" and have lunch. Charlie always got tempura shrimp roll while I got spicy tuna.
One of the two new puppies we got. Here is Kala (brown puppy) and the other (not shown) is Sudu (black puppy). The names were invented by Charlie.
A tropical island sunset.
Easter time, and here are Charlie and daddy after a successful easter egg hunt inside the house.
Easter continued at Mark and Karen's house where eggs were spread much further afield and there were many more kids out on the hunt. Here are Amon and Charlie searching the vast grassland for hidden eggs.