February 2005 (created 14-Jan-06 by Ken)
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Charlie really loves this princess outfit, and here with the sun glinting down on her she just looks radiant. This picture was taken at Maya's birthday party, a "Princess Party" theme, so all the kids looked so cute in their outfits.
Charlie, Cole and Logan (cut) have found a new way to spice up the trampoline fun.. waterballoons. Bounce, but don't step on the balloons and don't let them pop.
Cole is such the gentleman, and Charlie is looking so pleased by the special attention.
This pic was taken at the park in Garapan. There are swings, slides and this tube structure for the kids to have a place to hide and giggle. Here are Cole, Charlie and Heather's daughter Shea.
At the end of January Erica and Charlie made a trip out to Washington DC then to Madison while I stayed on Saipan to oversee some GIS training that was taking place. Here is Charlie playing in the snow in DC. I'm so grateful for living in the tropics where Charlie can run around in almost nothing compared with the complications of trying to keep track of mittens and boots and scarfs and jackets and...
Uncle Gavin giving Charlie a ride through the a zoo in the DC area.