January 2005 (created 14-Jan-06 by Ken)
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Charlie and Amon bouncing on the trampoline. Charlie is wearing her favorite princess costume. Often Amon is wearing a black and red silk cape but for some reason today he is sporting his regular attire.
The chicks after a few weeks have gotten much bigger and much blacker. Of the three, two were cocks and one was a hen. They grew to be big and beautiful, then one day they disappeared. I can only guess that someone from the neighborhood thought they also looked quite good and decided to give them a new home. There is a significant amount of cock-fighting done near our house so they could have ended up there, or more likely into the soup pot.
Cole and Charlie, soapy king and queen for the day.
Charlie and Maya, bouncing princesses.
Charlie and Maya enjoying a moment of peace on the hammoc at PIC. Maya was about 8 months older than Charlie and she often looked up to Maya to learn, in my impression, what life was like as a "big girl".
We decided that at 3.5 Charlie was old enough to help care for dogs so we bought two puppies. Unfortunately they were too young and died within a month. It was the first death that Charlie actually witnessed and she was very sad. We got two more puppies soon after but this time made sure they were over 8 weeks old AND we made sure to give them all of their shots on time.
A bonfire at Ladder Beach. Here are Charlie, Maria, Cole and I just gazing out over the horizon. Even overcast days are beautiful on a tropical island.
Pool party at Logan's place. Here are Logan, Cole and Charlie just waiting for the right moment to dive back in.
Saipan has a zoo. Not much of a zoo by New York or even Madison standards, but a few animals left over from some sort of circus that used to exist on Saipan years ago. As you can see there is a friendly iguana, along with some goats, birds, a few deer left over from the German era and a couple other exotics.