December 2004 (created 14-Jan-06 by Ken)
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After Doi Inthanon N.P. Erica decided to take Charlie to visit with "G", Amon and Aria in Udon Thani. "G", Amon's mom, is from Thailand and was back here visiting with relatives. To get to Udon Thani Erica passed through Bangkok again and took Charlie to a different zoo. Here she and Charlie were able to feed a tiger cub. Meanwhile I stayed in Chiang Mai and participated in some yoga classes.
Charlie and Amon visiting a shrine near Udon Thani.
I enjoyed the yoga so much that I flew to Udon Thani and encouraged Erica and Charlie to come back with me so that Erica could enjoy some yoga as well. While Erica was doing yoga back in Chiang Mai Charlie and I rented a motorcycle and found this fun park where she could play in a sea of balls. This was a huge mall and we could go watch movies as well.
Back home on Saipan and we found our first set of chicks dead, so we bought three new chicks and started closing our front gate more often. Our house has a very secure gate around the property but normally there had been no reason to be closing the gate.
Santa does come to the pacific islands, and he even has a tan to prove it. For a short while his sleigh was parked at the mall in Garapan (on Saipan), not sure where he kept his reindeer.
For Christmas Fe gave Charlie a guinea pig that she named Dot. Dot was very sweet and when we left for Africa almost a year later she was given to Cole.
Christmas on Saipan. The stockings were hung by the radio with care, in hopes that tan Saint Nicholas soon would be there.
A Christmas party at Steven's house. Charlie was enjoying jumping from this rock near the pool. Bombs away. That is "G" by the pool and John (Amon's dad) and Aria sitting by me on the grass behind Charlie. Of course "G" is not her full name but I couldn't pronounce her Thai name so she just said call me "G".
Amon and Charlie back in the box.