October 2004 (created 13-Jan-06 by Ken)
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Erica helping Charlie to make a mask for her evening work as a child superhero. This was not because of any injury, it was just artistic fun which Erica excels at.
Charlie and Maya taking a horse ride along the beach. There is one resort on island that keeps horses and you can hire them to go on certain rides. It wasn't too expensive and Charlie really loved it.
Charlie throwing herself into her work.. literally when it comes to painting. Not sure what the occasion was here, not that any specific occasion is needed to have a messy fun time.
Charlie and Maya both really love the horses so we went back and helped feed them some grass.
Probably one of the best toys we ever got for Charlie was an empty box. Erica helped Charlie to paint it and labeled it "Charlie's Locker". For most of the next year this box would be the focal point of hours of fun play. Here are Amon, Cole and Charlie making the most of their secret hideout.
It was getting close to Halloween and we were discussing costume ideas when Erica grabbed a couple rolls of toilet paper and we instantly had "Mummy Charlie". Not sure it would be efficient for trick or treating but she had fun getting all wrapped up.
International Day at Brilliant Star Montessori School and all the kids were encouraged to come in something resembling a traditional outfit. Many of the students are from eastern asia, but as Cole and Charlie were some of the American contingency they came as a cowboy and indian gal.
Halloween wouldn't be comlete without pumpkin carving. Here is a sampling of the work done at Maria's house by enthusiastic kids and parents. The wonderful looking mouse/elephant was one of Erica's designs.
Charlie and Cole out trick or treating. It is not very common these days for kids to go door to door asking for treats so many of the parents parked cars in an area and the kids went car to car. A nice version of a fun holiday.