September 2004 (created 13-Jan-06 by Ken)
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Apart from local dance we signed Charlie up for some ballet to see if she would like it. She liked the ballet better than the local dance for whatever reason. I think in part because her friend Maya was in the class, plus more of the kids were around her age.
Every Saturday at noon at the public library they had someone reading stories to the kids so often we would take Charlie there along with some friends. Here is Maria reading to the kids perhaps either before or after the public reading.
Always fun to go hang out at Logan's house and play in the pool with friends.
We celebrated my birthday at Logan's house, along with a number of other birthdays that occured around that time. For my cake Erica had The Hamilton's Restaurant make one of their fabulous Kentucky peach cobblers.. very nice.
Charlie and Maya making beautiful music together.
Charlie: "Logan, can't you make this thing go any faster?"
Erica getting her hair done by a professional.. isn't it lovely?
Yes, Elvis lives and he is on Saipan.. oh, and he is Japanese. He does do a very good Elvis impersonation.
Charlie and Amon practicing their drawing skills. It is always such a pleasure to see kids so quietly intent working together.
Chasing bubbles at Cole's house.