August 2004 (created 13-Jan-06 by Ken)
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Charlie turns 3 years old and to celebrate we invited her friends over to our house for some fun and food.
Moving the play set so you could slide into the pool was a big hit.. just don't loiter at the bottom of the slide for very long or suffer the consequences.
Helium balloons.. check, streamers.. check, lots of kids wired on cake and ice cream.. check. Yep, it's a birthday party.
Charlie and daddy flying a kite on the beach. I figured the ocean breeze would work great for kites but at least this day the wind kind of came and went so we were forced to resort to playing in the sand, chasing crabs and watching the sunset.
A view of Laulau Bay from Angie and Tyce's home.
August always starts with two birthdays. First is Charlie's then comes Logan's. Here we are at Logan's house enjoying good food and the company of friends as Logan turns 3 as well.
We knew a big storm was coming so we sealed up our house and rented a room in the Hyatt to pass the night. Erica and Charlie were thrilled to have a bathtub and made good use of it.
The next morning we drove home to evaluate the damage. Our house was fine, but here is just one example of the type of damage that was widespread around the island.
Charlie doing her "calm weather" dance.