July 2004 (created 13-Jan-06 by Ken)
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Erica had some vacation time accumulated and decided to take Charlie and visit with her family. Erica's folks have a house on the beach in Florida and here is Charlie enjoying a great blue heron that wandered outside looking for food.
Charlie is much braver than I when it comes to snakes. Here she is having a lovely time petting a snake that to me looks dangerous and ready to strike. Fear is not a healthy emotion so I love her trusting nature.
Part of Erica and Charlie's visit to Florida included time at the huge Disney World. Judging from the smile Charlie seems pretty keen on this particular visit. In particular she really loved meeting the disney characters like Mickey Mouse and Pluto. I believe it was Winnie the Bear that got a kiss on the nose from a very excited 2 year old.
Uncle Griffin helps Charlie to sit bareback on Scooter, Megan's pony near Madison. I doubt she did much galloping but she really loves ponies and horses.
Time for a trip to the dentist.. normally something to strike dread into any heart, but Charlie appears relaxed and nearly enjoying herself. Word is that Charlie's teeth are excellent which is a relief as many kids on Saipan have absolutely terrible teeth from too many sweets and not enough brushing.
Can never get enough fairs. Obviously Erica found one somewhere near Madison and Charlie has never turned down a ride on the carosel yet.
Erica's folks also have a cabin by a lake outside of Madison which is really simple and nice. Here is uncle Gavin giving Charlie a ride around the lake as grandpa Roger keeps his eyes open for interesting artifacts and forest treasures.
Back on Saipan after a relaxing visit, Charlie immediately finds her wildlife friends to greet.
Here Charlie has caught a frog and is proudly showing it to all.