June 2004 (created 13-Jan-06 by Ken)
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Our 10 year wedding anniversary. We celebrated by inviting some friends to join us for a sunset cruise on the Jade Lady III.
Charlie feeling the wind under her wings.. you can almost hear that song from the Titanic movie playing.
Charlie went a couple of times to a dance class for local dance. Some of her friends were in the class, but Charlie didn't really enjoy it much and stopped wanting to go.
Whenever the fair is in town Charlie nearly hyperventilates in anticipation.. didn't we all? Here Charlie and Maya are enjoying the flying spaceship ride.. then the ferris wheel.. then the boats.. then.. then.. then..
Erica really misses having a massive bathtub for bathing Charlie but Charlie doesn't seem to mind the inconvenience of needing to stick her feet out of the water to get her hair wet.
Erica did a dive at the Grotto on Saipan and saw this lovely clown fish. The most spectacular thing about the Grotto is not the fish however, but the geologic beauty. The ocean has cut underwater tunnels leading to an inland saltwater pool where divers can enter and then swim out to the ocean via one of roughly three tunnels.
In June 2004 CRM hosted the "All Islands Meeting". This includes all the pacific islands governmental agencies supported by NOAA involved with coastal resources management. Apart from the stress of organizing a large event like this I believe most people had a good time and got some good work done.
A tropical storm turned into a typhoon just as it hit Saipan causing widespread flooding and coastal damage. Here is a portion of the beach walkway that got undermined by high waves caused by the storm. Normally this part of the island is protected by a huge fringing reef and lagoon system but major storms like this bring the pounding surf right up to the beach.