May 2004 (created 13-Jan-06 by Ken)
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Charlie really liked to dive underwater and she was really quite good at it. Her eyes started to burn though from the chlorine so we bought her some swim goggles which she loved (later photos).
More pool time. Here are daddy and Charlie wrestling in the "lazy river" at PIC.
Mom was always a safe person to stay near as the daddy water monster would try to sneak up and grab her feet.
Charlie has never had a fear of citters.. lizards, spiders, iguanas are all beautiful creatures worth a closer look. No snakes on Saipan so no need to worry about that and really no dangerous animals at all except feral dogs that can be quite mean. So Charlie was basically free to hug all the little creepy crawly things she wanted.
AJ's birthday at his new house up in Gualo Rai. I'm pretty sure he didn't appreciate Charlie's help in blowing out his birthday candles but I'm sure as soon as the cake was cut all was forgiven.
Erica saw a picture of kids just rolling around in paint and there was a very visible flash as the lightbulb in her brain lit up. This was just the first of what Erica called "Messy Parties" and parents learned quickly to bring multiple changes of clothes. This was tame, Charlie still has some clean portions on her body and is still partially dressed.. future messy parties got much wilder and were always a big favorite with the kids.
Here is Charlie sporting her new goggles. She was so excited to be able to see so much more clearly underwater.
Thanks mom for the new goggles!!