January 2004 (created 12-Jan-06 by Ken)
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For Christmas Charlie received a huge stuffed frog. Here she is using it as her backrest as she flips through a book checking out the pictures.
Charlie always loves an opportunity to ride Scooter when she is in Madison. Scooter is Megan's pony and here is Megan with Charlie and Erica looking appropriately cold given it is early January.
After Madison Ken flew back to Saipan while Erica and Charlie went to Hawaii. Erica had to go and meet with the new NOAA Assistants who would be heading out to Saipan soon and Charlie always tags along with Erica on these sorts of trips. Here she found someone with beautiful parrots that Charlie really wanted to hold as well.
Charlie and Maya shaking their groove thing.
A group of Chinese living on Saipan put on a show at the Hyatt for the new years. The dragon show was great but the firecrackers were deafening. Charlie was a bit scared but eventually went up and touched the dragon.
Here are daddy and Charlie playing in the pool at PIC. This was pretty much a daily routine after work at 4:30p.
Even when we weren't at PIC Charlie loved to hang out in her pool at home. Here she is with Maya having a splashing fun time.
It was around this time that Charlie really started wanting to put her head under water. We actually never really encouraged her to do this, she just saw Erica and I doing it and wanted to do it herself. She is fearless in the water and a regular little fish.
Erica often participated on coral reef monitoring efforts with the Marine Monitoring Team (MMT). The MMT is made up of three government agencies and they go out regularly to conduct studies of interest to their particular programs.
Momma and Charlie enjoying a little reading time together in bed. We try to make it a point to read to Charlie each evening and it is always an activity she loves.
Maya and Charlie playing in the "Snake" pool at PIC. This floating serpent was a lot of fun and a good balancing act for the kids.
Who said bathing can't be fun? Charlie and Maya are certainly having a blast here.
Maya's third birthday at Paupau Beach. It is so nice to have parties on the beach, plenty of fun things to do and any food spills the ants haul away.. perfect.