December 2003 (created 26-Jan-06 by Ken)
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Erica, Charlie and I were out one morning on a drive and smashed into another car that cut infront of us. Our car was totalled but I felt fortunate that we walked away relatively unharmed. Charlie was securely fastened in her car seat, since September Erica and I had decided that Charlie could no longer nurse while we drove in the car. The air back hit Erica pretty hard in the face, broke her jaw, and gave her airbag "dust burns" on her face not to mention the overall body wrenching we all got. We had a trip planned to the states for Christmas and, after considering whether or not we were up for it, decided to go ahead and make the trip.
Here are Charlie and Judy's son David enjoying some time together. David was a great cousin, treated Charlie like a queen, and they had a blast together.
One of the activities we did over Christmas was "geo-caching". This involved taking a Global Positioning System (GPS) and trying to find containers of treasure that others had hidden and given the rough coordinates of where these containers could be found. Here are Judy, Ray and Molly agreeing on the location of some hidden item but Suresh obviously thinks it is flying away.
Here is Charlie strolling the streets of Santa Barbara during a light rain.
January (2004) was about to mark our 10 year wedding anniversary (well, our January wedding paper signing anniversary.. not to be confused with our June wedding celebration). Our paper signing was done in the Santa Barbara Courthouse so Erica, Charlie and I (and Suresh but he is not in the picture) headed up to the top of the courthouse to reflect. Suresh was one of our original witnesses at our paper signing 10 years ago so it was nice for him to join us again.
Christmas time at my sister Judy's house in Oxnard with much to celebrate.. including this massive Nemo that Aunt Judy got for Charlie.
I thought this was a nice picture of Judy and Bruce. I believe they had just bought their truck, but my memory could be failing.
After Christmas we drove up to Zaca Lake where we had our June celebration 10 years ago. Zaca is just a beautiful lake and area, very peaceful. Here are Charlie and I heading out for a brief canoe ride.. Charlie's first.
Erica with her college buddies Candace and Beth. This is still up at Zaca Lake and we had a small reunion with some of our friends and their companions. Kathy and Charlie joined us later for some wine tasting.
A self-photo of the Cochrane Family (well, at least our portion of it) up at Zaca Lake. Charlie enjoyed chasing the ducks while Erica and I enjoyed reflecting on nearly 10 years of marriage.