October 2003 (created 04-Feb-06 by Ken)
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At the Brilliant Star school that Charlie started they always have paint supplies out and available to the kids. Charlie really loves to paint so we set up something at home for her to paint as often as she would like. As a very biased parent I think she does beautiful artwork.
Charlie and her friend Maya enjoying a bath. Charlie met Maya at the library in August and they became instant buddies with lots of hugs and kisses. Maya's parents are Greg and Katie.. Greg is here working with the local school system as a psychologist and Katie is an artist (mainly photography).
Charlie loves to be buried in the sand then she emerges like a baby turtle and crawls down to the ocean to wash off before we start the process all over again.
I believe this was the last time that I rode with Charlie on a horse. After this she wanted to ride on her own and does a great job.
Maya and Charlie playing on the beach.
In September Erica transitioned out of her former position as Coral Reef Coordinator into a new position.. I forget her exact title.. it was something like Marine Biologist. As part of her new position she did significantly more diving with the Marine Monitoring Team. Here are some fish on a dive around the Saipan Lagoon.
Charlie taking a bath and being supervised by two very curious kittens.
A view of Saipan from sea looking at the shore. This is the east coast of Saipan, around Laulau Bay.
An eel seen by Erica while diving at Laulau Bay.
This beautiful creature is called a Crown of Thorns starfish and despite it's wonderful appearance it can pose a hazard to coral communities as the CoT eats living corals. You can see a bleached white coral in the background, perhaps where the CoT has recently been.