September 2003 (created 04-Feb-06 by Ken)
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Here are Dave (middle), Jonathan (right) and I using the Achilles inflatable to collect our GPS readings around Maug. By collecting readings from the boat rather than on land we were able to cover a much greater distance and do better work more quickly. We also got baked in the sun.
The island of Asuncion.
The Saipan and Guam crew aboard the Sette included (from left to right): Fran, Kate, Pete, myself, Mike and Trina down towards the bottom.
Back on Saipan with some time to play with Charlie.
Just before I left for the northern islands we adopted two cats.. Mbeli is the black cat and Mbau is the orange kitty.
Charlie being chased by momma and running over to me on the couch to protect her.