August 2003 (created 02-Feb-06 by Ken)
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On Aug 1 we flew as a family to American Samoa to attend the annual Coastal Zone Managers meeting. Roger and Melissa flew out to help take care of Charlie while we were in the meetings. Here we are standing on the rugged American Samoa coastline.
Rocks polished by the continual wash of waves.
Charlie turns 2 on American Samoa.
Charlie sitting on her new rocking horse with momma and daddy right behind.
Charlie sitting on what is most likely a traditional stone carving, but she was so cute I had to take a photo before she got off.
When we got back to Saipan it was time for Charlie to start her first year at the local Brilliant Star Montessori School. Here she is checking out the class before school starts. She really liked Montessori because it was mostly her friends that she had grown up with and there were lots of fun and interesting things to do.
Here I am getting ready to board the NOAA Ship Oscar E. Sette for a 4 week research cruise to the northern Mariana Islands. This was a once in a life time opportunity to do GPS work alongside the other researchers but it was a long time to be away from Erica and Charlie.
A satellite image of Sarigan. In red is the area where I helped collect GPS readings for the island.
This is the backpack GPS I wore to map out locations around each island. Agrihan had a beautiful black sand beach. You may also notice the small black dots on my backpack.. those are flies which were almost as plentiful as the sand.
Here is the Oscar Sette drifting in front of the island of Uracas, the northern most island in the Mariana chain. Uracas is still an active volcano.