March 2003 (created 02-Feb-06 by Ken)
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Ninji, Roger and Melissa's dog, just loves it when Charlie comes to visit.
Ruth, Erica's sister inlaw married to Gavin, enjoys some drawing time with Charlie.
Charlie, Erica, Bryn and Ninji playing in the snow. Bryn is a friend of ours from UW.
Charlie back on Saipan after 19 days traveling. Charlie and Erica spent an extra few days in Madison because just as they were scheduled to fly out they both fell sick with the flu. When they got back to Saipan Fe was not around because she had spent that time in the Phillipines and was still trying to arrange some things for purchasing her home. With Charlie and Erica tired and sick it was hard without Fe's help but we managed.
I travelled to Rota for two days to do some GPS work with the CRM reps. Rota is a very beautiful island relatively undisturbed from WWII activities that dramatically altered the landscape on Saipan.
A picture from a hill looking down on the major town in Rota.
Charlie and daddy enjoying a sunset together.
Momma and Charlie showing off their new hats.