February 2003 (created 02-Feb-06 by Ken)
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Charlie still taking naps at PIC. Here she is passed out on one of the big soft mats.
Digging in the sand, life is good.
We had a ritual in the mornings of telling Charlie that we were leaving for work, giving her a kiss, and waving bye-bye as we pulled out of the drive way. Fe was very good at finding things to distract her after we had said our goodbyes and as we were pulling away.
A valentine cake.
Family portrait at PIC.
Charlie playing with her huge stuffed giraffe.
Erica and Charlie fly to DC so that Erica can attend a conference. They are gone for 19 days which was a long time. Erica's mom flys to DC to help take care of Charlie.
Charlie playing in the snow for the first time. All those clothes.. so glad we live in the tropics.