January 2003 (created 02-Feb-06 by Ken)
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A rainbow dipping into the waters around Saipan, such a beautiful place. Charlie's vocabulary is more than I can write and growing daily. I flew to South Carolina for training and was gone Jan 4th - 14th, Charlie welcomes me home with a big kiss and just makes my day. Also in January Erica and I buy a 2001 Toyota Echo and basically give the Atoz that we have been using for a year to Fe for her to take Charlie around.
Charlie enjoying an ice-cream at PIC.
Charlie seems so proud to have climbed up on her table.
A swim at PIC, part of our daily ritual. My parents paid for us to have a membership at PIC this year and we really appreciated it.
Charlie and her buddy Steven making music together.
In January we bought a playset and kids house for Charlie. Here she is playing with her ducks in her new house.
Cool shades girl.