December 2002 (created 02-Feb-06 by Ken)
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Some of the dives emphasized the beautiful corals, but others like this one emphasized the tremendous fish diversity. Sharks were common on our dives.
On Palau is a dolphin center where you can see dolphins and, for a cost, swim with them. Charlie was a bit young to swim with them but she really enjoyed just seeing them.
A clown fish hiding in an anenome.
A giant clam, what amazing colors.
Erica and I took a kayak ride through the rock islands. It was a long way to paddle but lots of interesting sights we wouldn't have seen otherwise.
An underwater self-photo.
While diving we had this group of wild dolphins swim overhead. There were probably more than 20 of them and they made such wonderful sounds and they cheeped and chirped and played in the waves overhead.
A different kind of clown fish in a brilliant purple anenome.
A family pic at the Palau Pacific Resort. This was a pretty fancy resort so we stayed somewhere cheaper and came here to spend the day at the beach and have brunch from time to time.
Back home on Saipan Erica was in the mood to draw. She is generally pretty shy about letting others see her work, even after she is finished, but here she is caught in the process of doing a wonderful charcoal drawing of Charlie. We ended up spending a couple extra days on Palau as a very powerful typhoon "Pongsonwa" did tremendous damage to Guam (our means for getting back to Saipan). Charlie cuts her 7th and 8th tooth in December and is climbing much more.
Charlie surrounded by stuffed animals.
Charlie's second Christmas. She enjoyed opening a present or two but got bored after that. We saved some gifts so she could open a present or two each day for about a week.