November 2002 (created 02-Feb-06 by Ken)
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Yes, Charlie and I share certain similar characteristics.. particularly when it comes to watching a movie on TV. Erica, Charlie and I were sick most of the first three weeks in November which was very unpleasant.
Charlie toting around her huge inflatable orca at PIC. Unfortunately her swimming skills are still developing and the orca wasn't very stable so all in all she wasn't very comfortable using the orca yet.
On Nov 28th Erica, Charlie, Fe and I flew to Palau for a vacation. Most of the time Fe looked after Charlie while Erica and I dove, but we tried to do some fun things together as a family as well such as this picture taken at the Aquarium.
A fan underwater. The colors were amazing, as were the diversity of corals and fish.
While hard to see, here is a lion fish.
Turtle with a couple of cleaner fish.
Jellyfish Lake. These jellyfish live in a confined lake environment and, unlike their open water relatives, are relatively stingless. They follow the sun and take energy like a plant. Swimming amongst them was a surreal experience.
Me, enjoying the underwater adventures.