October 2002 (created 02-Feb-06 by Ken)
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Charlie in a Puerto Rico hotel showing off her 4 upper teeth and big diaper butt.
Brushing teeth in the hotel sink.. I suspect it was a combo bath/teeth activity. Now that she has six teeth it is time to brush.
By October 7th Erica and Charlie are back on Saipan. Here they are enjoying a dip in our pool. A brief list of words she can say: momma, daddy, dada, susu, up, bye-bye, hi, kiss, fish, ball, see, swim, on, off, baby, peek, chirps (for bird), doggy, bubble, come, moon, go, light and has sign language for elephant, bunny, drink, chicken, and airplane.
Daddy and Charlie reading a book in bed.
Another lousy day in paradise.
Doing GPS (global positioning system) work on Managaha Island. That big briefcase holds a $10,000 GPS that I got to play with and call it work. Fun.
On one of Erica's research dives around Saipan she saw this very cool octopus.