September 2002 (created 02-Feb-06 by Ken)
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My birthday and the day I return from Australia. Erica and Charlie have been feeling sick and so it was rough for me to be gone. In Australia I bought our first digital camera so now rather than taking pictures, having them printed then scanned we can go straight to website. Plus the digital photos keep track of the date they were taken which is handy.
Cake.. yumm. I think it's pretty clear whether Charlie is enjoying that cake or not.
In September Charlie starts putting her head underwater. Here she is blowing bubbles for momma.
Charlie's contemplative face.
Every thursday night there is a street market in Garapan. Many of the local restaurants, and local organizations, show up to provide relatively cheap food. Here are some examples of the grilled meat that is always available.
Charlie enjoying a dinner time with momma. You can see the foamy pads that we covered the floor so that as Charlie was learning to walk she wouldn't get too beat up on the hard tiles underneath.
Mom and Charlie conducting a botanical study.
Charlie and mom at the "crab" pool at PIC. There is a slide shaped like a crab and here is Charlie sliding down into mom's arms.. and having a blast.
Toward the end of September Erica needed to fly to Hawaii and Puerto Rico for conferences. Charlie traveled with her. Here is Kathrine giving Charlie a big hug in Hawaii.
Charlie doing a prayer pose while in the hotel in Honolulu.