August 2002 (created 02-Feb-06 by Ken)
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For Charlie's 1st birthday we rented out Hamilton's Restaurant (right next to our house) and threw a bash. At the end of July Charlie started taking her first steps and is saying additional words like: daddy, come, ball, hi, bye. In mid-August Erica takes Charlie with her to Hawaii for a Coral Reef Economic Valuation workshop then at the end of August I leave for a remote sensing conference in Australia that includes a weeks worth of diving at Heron Island.
Charlie playing in her pool with friends at her birthday bash.
Traditional birthday pinata.. man those things are built tough. After what seemed like hours of beating on the thing we finally just cut it open and let the kids have the candy.
Fe dancing with Charlie at her 1st birthday.
An inflatable ball aquarium that was loads of fun.