July 2002 (created 02-Feb-06 by Ken)
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On June 28th we all flew to Madison for a holiday. I spent a week in Madison then flew on to San Diego for a GIS conference while Erica and Charlie hang out in Madison a bit longer. We stayed at Teddy Studt's house and Charlie got bit in the face by Teddy's dog and needed stitches. Teddy has a sweet dog but Charlie was trying to take something out of his mouth. Here are Erica, Charlie and Melissa up at the Schnitzler's cottage a couple of hours outside of Madison.
Gavin and Charlie enjoying some time together.
Charlie playing with the "Do not disturb" sign at a hotel in Narita.
Daddy taking an airport nap during the long trip.
Back on Saipan means back to American Memorial Park for more swinging.