June 2002 (created 02-Feb-06 by Ken)
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Charlie sporting her denim hat and overall combo.. very nice. During June Charlie gets a 101 fever from Roseola but recovers within a couple of days. Erica, Charlie and I spend a week in Guam for the Coastal Zone Manager's meeting but no pics from that trip. Jean Dayton, Frank Dayton's daughter, helps look after Charlie and she is wonderful.
Charlie looking for a snack.
Brunch at PIC. Sundays are often "Daddy-Daughter" day and sometimes we go for a nice brunch then a swim at PIC.. or horseback riding.. or playing in the park.. or whatever Charlie would like to do.
Big smiles for a day at the American Memorial Park in Garapan.
For a span of a few months I would often take Charlie down to PIC for her nap. Either we would get a big float and nap on the lazy river or we might pass out on a hammock by the ocean. It was a really nice way to nap.
Having fun with her shoes.