May 2002 (created 02-Feb-06 by Ken)
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Nothing better to ease the teething pain that a homemade bagel. Here is Charlie gumming a fresh bagel as her first two teeth make their appearance in early May.
Daddy demonstrating the one-arm baby carry technique.
Charlie still fits in an empty paper box but would not likely fit any longer in our African basket.
Charlie playing with the chair in front of her as we head out to Managaha Island for a day of fun.
Toward the end of May Grandpa Ray and Grandma Kathy (my folks) came out to visit. Here is Grandpa giving Charlie a rock on his knee.
Fe and Charlie having fun as they did so often.
During May Charlie started to stand on her own. Here she looks like she is ready to walk, but her first steps didn't come until the end of July.
Swinging at the park.