March 2002 (created 29-Jan-06 by Ken)
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Charlie enjoying a ride on daddy's back.. and wishing he would let go of her hands so she could grab his glasses off of his face again.
Charlie looking reflective in her denim outfit. This photo was taken by Fe at her house where she would often take Charlie while caring for her.
Another photo by Fe as Charlie scoots around outside her house.
Charlie always loved exploring the car and pushing all the buttons. Here she is trying to get the car to go.
I forget which of her friends had this little rocking pony at their house but Charlie absolutely loved it.
Nap at Fe's house. Fe had this swinging basket setup and it would almost instantly rock Charlie to sleep.
All during the pregnancy and while Charlie was only breastfeeding Erica avoided alchohol, but as Charlie began eating more food and taking occasional bottles of pumped milk Erica also began enjoying an occasional glass of wine at sunset.