February 2002 (created 29-Jan-06 by Ken)
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In the beginning of February Erica, Charlie and I flew the 60 miles or so to Guam for a Vessel Grounding meeting. Here am I at the hotel in Guam giving Charlie a shove into the pool, or at least appearing to. In December Erica had applied for the Coral Reef Coordinator position and received a position offer on Dec. 25th but doesn't really begin working until the end of January.
At the end of January Erica and I hired Fe Villanueva to help us look after Charlie as we are both working now. Fe is from the Phillipines and has been working on Saipan for over 10 years. She stayed with us until we left nearly 4 years later. She really was a part of our family and we miss her and appreciate all she did for us.
Daddy giving Charlie a piggy back ride.
It wasn't until mid-January that Charlie started supplimenting her nursing with other food, mostly cheerios to begin with and progressing into cooked vegetables. Charlie also issues her first words in February.. Momma.
Charlie and daddy lounging in the hammock at PIC enjoying the view out over the ocean.
Charlie isn't sure she likes the hat that daddy just placed on her head but she is willing to go with it for awhile. Some teething action taking place as evidenced by how much she was sucking on the front of her dress.
Happy baby.
Erica, Charlie and I had a picnic out at the Garapan Park with Mike and Sheila Trianni.
No, Charlie is not ALL smiles. I would classify this as more of a scowl. I forget what prompted this particular look.
Charlie beginning to realize that the toes are hers and can be as fun as any other toy in the house. I also love that toothless grin.