January 2002 (created 29-Jan-06 by Ken)
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Shortly after arriving on Saipan we started meeting other parents with young children and formed playgroups for the kids to get together and have fun. Some of the kids like Logan and Steven were friends of her almost from day one and remained friends throughout our time on Saipan.
Charlie dressed up like a princess to attend Talia's first birthday party. Talia's parents, Mike and Sheila Trianni, threw a big feast at their place and it was lots of fun.
Charlie and Erica enjoying the view at Tim and Tina Goodwin's home up on Capital Hill. Tim and Tina are parents of Steven who was always a good friend to Charlie.
Charlie taking a dip in her inflatable pool at home. Saipan, as a tropical island, was almost always hot.. 24/7 and 365 days a year so spending as much time in a pool or the ocean as possible made a lot of sense.
One of the major hotels on island, the Pacific Islands Club (PIC), had a large waterpark and other fun things for kids and adults alike. We had a couple of sunday brunches there (which at the time included a free day in their waterpark) then in January Erica bought us a family annual membership to celebrate our Jan 12 wedding anniversary. It was the best investment we ever made as we used the PIC facility almost daily for nearly 4 years for late afternoon swims in the lap pool and sunsets on the beach.
Charlie just loves to dig in the sand although she seems a little uncertain about it at first.
I just liked the look on her face.
Charlie and momma dancing the night away. Erica's ankle was feeling better by January but it did take a long time to heal.