November 2001 (created 29-Jan-06 by Ken)
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After completing my MSc we flew from Madison to Saipan with stops along the way at my sister's house in Oxnard (CA) and at Kathrine's house on Oahu. Here is my sister Judy giving Charlie a very warm welcome.
Here is Charlie's pouty face. I don't recall why this face came about but I do recall it was sitting on the couch at my sister's house.
Here is Katherine giving Charlie a snuggle as we enjoy some lunch together in Honolulu. Katherine is one of Erica's college buddies.
Charlie getting her toes wet in the Pacific for the first time. As we lived on a tropical island for nearly 4 years this was only the first of many dips in the grand Pacific.
Charlie and Erica taking a walk on the beach in Saipan.
Here is momma and baby taking a dip in the Saipan Lagoon. Our first house on Saipan wasn't too far from the ocean and we would often walk down to the beach at sunset for a stroll and a dip.