October 2001 (created 29-Jan-06 by Ken)
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Erica and Charlie dressed in black as Madison turns fall colors and fall cold. At the beginning of October I had to go to South Carolina for a training and Erica took Charlie to Illinois to visit with family, then they met me in S.C. That was Charlie's first plane trip, but she will end up traveling significantly to keep up with mom over the next few years.
Charlie dressed like a leopard for Halloween. It is so fun to play dressup with kids and momma is obviously having a good time at this party thrown at Roger and Melissa's home.
Just a nice picture of a happy baby. Erica had to work much harder than we really wanted during September and October because I had been offered a position in the Mariana Islands but I had to have my MSc degree completed. That meant lots of additional work and late nights for me but I did manage to put something together and defend it before the end of October. It was such a relief to be finished with my degree.