August 2001 (created 27-Jan-06 by Ken)
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ERICA'S REFLECTIONS ON CHARLIE'S BIRTH: (Written by mom to daughter) August 14 (2001). This is the story of your birth remembered by your awe struck mom two weeks after your birth (with some help with details from dad, your doulas and your nana). The guess date of your birth (40 weeks gestation) had long since passed and we were getting very anxious for your immanent arrival. The birth bags had been packed and Ken and I had been practiciing for the labor nearly every weekend for more than 4 weeks. We were not the only ones concerned over ...
KEN'S REFLECTIONS ON CHARLIE'S BIRTH: So much has led up to the birth of our little girl Achali 'Charlie' Kilara Cochrane. After 10.5 years of peaceful cohabitation Erica and I were up at Devil's Lake taking a hike when the converstation drifted to children as it did from time to time. Unlike our other discussions however this time, for many reasons, we looked at each other and agreed that now was the time. Ironically, it was April Fools Day 2000 which we didn't realize until a day or two later. Following fairly regular attempts to contact that ...
About an hour after the birth here are Erica and her team of birthing experts who helped so much. From left to right there are: Erica, Carri, Diana and Dr. Bull.
I believe this must be a day after the birth. We are still in the hospital and here is Erica with enough energy to stand and cuddle with Charlie.
Day 2 after the birth. Our first family portrait and getting ready for the big move from the hospital to our house. For me, being a new dad and all, there was a certain amount of comfort being in the hospital where help was a quick buzz away. Moving to our home was both exciting and a bit frightening.. so we are actually responsible for this young life?
Here is Rica giving Charlie her first bath.
We setup a comfortable spot on the floor for changing her diapers. While a bit harder on our backs, it was comforting to know that at least she couldn't fall off of the floor. Here is Charlie doing her "surfer girl" impersonation still with her umbilical cord nub.
Charlie taking a nap on momma's chest after a filling meal. This was a pretty common position for both Charlie and Erica for quite a few weeks.
Poor Charlie. Erica and I were so excited at having our very own child that we tormented her with a slew of artsie-fartsie kinds of poses like this one laying in one of our African baskets.
Did you know that infants have really little hands? And feet too!! I could hold her hand and stare at her fingers for hours.
Here is just a happy moment for Erica, holding Charlie and having fun.
How hard can it be to take care of an infant that can't really move and just eats and sleeps? Sounded like a pretty easy job to me, but 24 hour feedings, diaper changes, carrying baby around were actually pretty exhausting.
Apart from trying to do some American Gothic photo we were also planting an apple tree out front of our 917 Jenifer St. home with the placenta buried underneath.